Who we are

Lands in love is an environmental and animal friendly zone in Costa Rica, located in a hidden valley in the middle of a cloud forest, beautiful as a legend. We are 15 friends of many years, all of us originally from Israel, Vegan and animal lovers.
A few months after visiting Costa Rica, we packed all our lives (including our 30 dogs and 50 cats) and moved here.
Six months of working days and nights brought this place to the point of modern operational ecological vegetarian resort.

Our wishes

To build facilities for all the present and future animals that keep abandoned here. We have more than 550 dogs and cats,
20 of them are staying with us in the office because we don’t have a place for them. To have a fully equipped veterinarian
clinic in our place (the nearest one is one hour away) for our animals and the local’s pets that aren’t taking care of them – vaccinations, treatment for diseases, accident wounds etc. To give solution for people that lost their pets and for ones that found pets by creating lost and found board that many will hear about it. For that we need to advertize in newspapers and
radio stations etc, to spread the words to as many people as possible. Donations – we can’t do it alone, we need help, in return, if asked for, we will give part of our land and nights in the resort hotel.