Adopt - Animal Rescue Center Costa RicaWhen you first arrive at the rescue center for adoption, an adoption assistant will get to know where you live, what accommodations you have for a pet, and what experience you have with animals, and will help to find the right animal for you.  Under no circumstances will we approve adoptions for use as guard dogs, hunting dogs, dog fighting, etc. Good quality of life for the animals is the most important to us – a commitment to provide a loving and caring home is essential.

Next, you will see the dogs that we have for adoption, if a good match is found, you will  be asked to pay for vaccinations (and sometimes for sterilization).  This payment is a sign of commitment and will go toward the rescue center’s operation, 100%.

Once you have adopted, we will be here to support you should any difficulty arise.  If proper care of your adopted pet becomes impossible for any reason, we will accept them back with love.

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