Animal love - rescue center

Lands in love rescue center team
The team of Lands in love rescue center
Everyday life

New places for dogs at the doghouse

This is Ofi, he has an hernia, this cloth will help him to live a few months till he will be able to pass the operation.

Atara, new filly at the stable of Lands in love

True happiness is... to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.

Maggie was brought to us with 5 puppies for treatments and care till she will be adopted.

Michael the goatling that we adopted after he was abandoned by a family who did not want him. Now he is very happy with us.

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceutical Company donated to our Animal Rescue Center more than 150 injections and other products against parasites. 2 representatives of the Bayer Company, a veterinarian and his assistant, came to Lands in love and vaccinated all our dogs and cats.
Thank you Bayer!

"Our guests are enjoying themselves in the
animal rescue center"

"Who needs a ride?"

Providing treatment for the goose after surgery.
The cats house

"... This is a good restaurant!!!"

Taking care and watching after goose that was hurt by a turtle.

Abandoned dogs that found here a new home, playing together.

Our horses in the fields.

Mitchuki and Masha, the newest members of our ever growing community. They've been left in a box a week ago in our entrance.

Maverick was found in our area castrated - "home made surgery". After treatment for his infection, now he is a happy dog.

A goose that her beak was bitten by a water turtle was treated with antibiotics and fed in special dishes until she learned to cope by herself.

Lunch time for everybody.

Lands in love is a home to all the abandoned, deserted, mistreated and ill cats who "found their way" to us.

They are all treated with love and care. During the day they are kept safely in a room and at night when there is no traffic, they are released for a few hours. They return for a late night snack in their home.

Dr. David Mora our vet is checking Mori.

Taking dogs that need treatment to the vet.

This time we are taking 10 dogs so we need the truck for that.

This is Benjamin, we saved him from a terrible man who cut his throat and pull off one of his eyes. 1 month ago David operated on his eye and now he is taking out the stitches.

Sam - his long hair was all knots, we had to remove it, Hava our staff member is helping with the process.

Building new houses for the dogs.