Lands in love Vegetarian/Vegan Hotel and Resort which provided us with generous space and financial support has been closed from the middle of March due to the COVID-19 world crisis leaving us without the cash flow to finance and support the shelter.

We need urgent help to keep the shelter running. Without financial help, the shelter will be shut down and the animals will be released to the streets or put to sleep by the authorities.

The shelter is a non-profit charitable organization and no-kill animal rescue center.

Our mission is saving lives, cruelty prevention, adoption, rehoming, education, and permanent loving home for the residents. Whenever we come across animals who are abused, abandoned, sick or injured, we immediately take action to prevent further suffering provide a safe place to live and proper medical care.
We do not and have never euthanized an animal.

Our animals come from nearby and not so nearby communities and live with us for the rest of their life or rehomed into new families.


With $35 a month you can support a dog and $25 a month will support a cat.

100% of your donation will go toward the operation of the animal rescue center and the service of animals in need.