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Da un salvavidas a un animal necesitado


Lands in love Hotel y Resort, que nos brindó un generoso espacio y apoyo financiero, se cerró desde mediados de marzo debido a la crisis mundial de COVID-19 que nos dejó sin el dinero para financiar y apoyar el refugio.

Necesitamos ayuda urgente para mantener el refugio en funcionamiento. Sin ayuda económica, el refugio se cerrará y las autoridades dejarán a los animales en las calles o los pondrán a dormir.

El refugio es una organización benéfica sin fines de lucro y un centro de rescate de animales.

Nuestra misión es salvar vidas, prevenir la crueldad, adopción, reubicación, educación y un hogar amoroso permanente para los animales residentes. Siempre que nos encontramos con animales que son abusados, abandonados, enfermos o heridos, tomamos medidas de inmediato para evitar un mayor sufrimiento, brindar un lugar seguro para vivir y una atención médica adecuada.
Nosotros nunca sacrificaríamos a un animal.

Nuestros animales provienen de comunidades cercanas y no tan cercanas y viven con nosotros por el resto de su vida o son adoptados por nuevas familias.


SINPE Móvil (Banco Nacional) : 63364099
Cuenta bancaria:
Animal love
Cedula 3-006-679379
Banco Nacional #100-01-020-006177-5
Iban- CR56015102010010061779
Banco Bac San Jose #938486024

$35 podrán ayudar a un perro y $25 a gato durante un mes.

El 100% de su donación se destinará a la operación del centro de rescate de animales y al servicio de los animales necesitados.


Gracias @katherineheigl , @katemara y @alecbaldwininst por su ayuda

Gracias @katherineheigl , @katemara y @alecbaldwininst por su ayuda

I was just introduced to @animalloverescue center in Costa Rica, which needs urgent help ❗

It’s a non-profit no-kill charitable shelter that takes care of 450 dogs 🐶 and 350 cats 🐱, in addition to sheep, goats, geese, ducks, horses and others. Most of them came to the center after being mistreated, wounded, paralyzed etc 🥺 💔

The rescue center was funded by vegan - vegetarian hotel “Lands in love”, which had to be closed from the middle of March as a result of the Coronavirus world crisis. That means that they have no funds these days to keep the shelter running 🙏 💜

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Katherine Heigl

I wanted to share this story with you guys. The @animalloverescue center reached out to my @jasonheiglfoundation for assistance and we are looking at how we can best help their plight. The Animal Love Rescue Center is a no-kill, non-profit organization based in Costa Rica caring for hundreds of different animals abandoned after accidents, sickness, abuse and disease. Unfortunately the rescue now faces closure. It was funded by a local hotel, whose income has been devastated by the Covid virus. So if you have a minute, check out https://animallove.cr and if you are in a position to help in these difficult times, I am sure they will be extremely grateful. ❤️

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Kate Mara

Animal Love Rescue Center in Costa Rica needs urgent help. They are a non-profit no-kill charitable shelter that takes care of more than 1,000 animals. More than 800 are dogs and cats. The rescue center funded by vegan - vegetarian hotel “lands in love” is closed from the middle of March as a result of the Coronavirus world crisis. They need urgent help to keep the shelter running. Without help, the rescue center will be closed and the animals will be released to the streets. Visit their site to learn more or donate @animalloverescue 💚

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Testimonios de nuestros voluntarios

What an experience!!!!! I deeply love the month I spend here. It was amazing to be a part of this beautiful project. Every animal here, even if they are so many, receive a lot of love and all the care they need (vet obviously but even beeing brush pr bath very often). The team manage to give so much attention to all of them. The dogs are so well treated that they feel the love and don't even try to escape at all. It's really inspiring to see this people being so dedicated and involve. This place is a bath of love and with such a good vibe!!!!! I definitly recommand this life experience if you're an animals lover

Frederique France

I have so much gratitude for this amazing place run by an incredible group of people who dedicate their lives to helping animals. I loved spending my days with all kinds of furry friends, especially the cats! I had lots of time to explore the trails and spend time near the waterfall and river. The food is so delicious and I always felt nourished, welcome, and full of love.

Raffelina United States

If you want to spend some time in paradise this is the workaway for you! I have nothing but fantastic things to say about this project. The people running it are the most hardworking group you can imagine. They really care for and love each and every one of their 700 animals. I got to know Loir, Zilka and Hava the best as I worked with the dogs, painting and on social media. They were always super kind, funny, happy and they do everything with love.

Lisa-Marie England

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