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Nourrir un chien pendant un mois


Nourriture et soins vétérinaires pour un chien pour un mois


Nourrir 3 chats pendant un mois


Equivalent à 3 vaccins pour nos félins


Visite vétérinaire de routine pour 10 chiens


Opération Orthopédique pour 1 chien

Chaque don sera accepté avec amour ❤

Nous sommes reconnu comme organisation sans but lucratif au Costa Rica et nous dépendons de la générosité des personnes telles que vous.
100% de vos dons servent à sauver des animaux

En donnant vous nous aidez:

Nourrir plus de 1000 animaux
Donner à nos animaux les traitements vétérinaires d'urgence
Castrer, stériliser et vacciner tous nos animaux

Merci pour@katherineheigl , @katemara e@alecbaldwininst votre soutien.

Alec Baldwin​
Alec Baldwin​@alecbaldwininsta
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I was just introduced to @animalloverescue center in Costa Rica, which needs urgent help❗
It’s a non-profit no-kill charitable shelter that takes care of 450 dogs 🐶 and 350 cats 🐱, in addition to sheep, goats, geese, ducks, horses and others. Most of them came to the center after being mistreated, wounded, paralyzed etc🥺💔
The rescue center was funded by vegan - vegetarian hotel “Lands in love”, which had to be closed from the middle of March as a result of the Coronavirus world crisis. That means that they have no funds these days to keep the shelter running🙏💜

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Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl@katherineheigl
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I wanted to share this story with you guys. The @animalloverescue center reached out to my @jasonheiglfoundation for assistance and we are looking at how we can best help their plight.The Animal Love Rescue Center is a no-kill, non-profit organization based in Costa Rica caring for hundreds of different animals abandoned after accidents, sickness, abuse and disease.Unfortunately the rescue now faces closure. It was funded by a local hotel, whose income has been devastated by the Covid virus.So if you have a minute, check out https://animallove.cr and if you are in a position to help in these difficult times, I am sure they will be extremely grateful. ❤

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Kate Mara
Kate Mara@katemara
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Animal Love Rescue Center in Costa Rica needs urgent help.They are a non-profit no-kill charitable shelter that takes care of more than 1,000 animals.More than 800 are dogs and cats.The rescue center funded by vegan - vegetarian hotel “lands in love” is closed from the middle of March as a result of the Coronavirus world crisis.They need urgent help to keep the shelter running.Without help, the rescue center will be closed and the animals will be released to the streets. Visit their site to learn more or donate @animalloverescue 💚

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Ewa Jurowska

$20.00 octobre 24, 2021

from animal lover

Susan Eggleton

$21.48 octobre 24, 2021

Hope this helps your lovely animals, thank you for caring for them

Danielle Loughran

£8.70 octobre 24, 2021

Leigh-Anne Naylor

£36.34 octobre 24, 2021

Sophia Liverad

£384.75 octobre 24, 2021

One off donation

Sou Antonopoulou

$37.35 octobre 24, 2021