The story of the abandoned dog family

On 26th November 2018, we found 4 sacks tied up outside our rescue center.
After carefully moving the bags to a safe place, we opened them, revealing 4 scared and traumatized dogs.
Clearly, this was a family, all very unhealthy and underweight, their fur covered with fleas and parasites.
We could tell from their behavior they hadn’t been treated well, they even were too terrified to take the food we offered.
We took them to the vet to get checked over, there was a mother, her two young daughters and sister. Because of her condition, the sister sadly didn’t make it.
During the check-up, we found out that the mother was pregnant once again.
Over the next few months, the family started to settle in, with the help of the staff and our volunteers, giving them 24-hour love and care.
With such a hard start life and mental scarring from the past, we were unsure if these dogs would ever be able to put their trust in humans again…
…This is Nuchca, Fenelope and Nanu now, 7 Months later, thriving and full of life. The past is now behind them, Nuchca gave birth to 5 healthy puppies, all now adopted.
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